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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'm Alexis Pritchard - but you can call me Lex.


I have walked the walk. Using my mind as an asset instead of a liability did not come naturally to me: I had to learn it all, just like you will. I worked hard to recognise that I had formed mental habits over many years that didn't allow me to fully embrace who I am and to thrive. I began to recognise the self-limiting thoughts and decision-making patterns that I had created for myself and started rewriting my script.

I committed to embracing courage and acting fearlessly. I gave myself permission to be great.


I learned these lessons inside the boxing ring… and then I applied them to the rest of my life. 


Are you ready to make the change?

  • Mindset & Performance Coach

  • NZ Olympic Committee - Ambassador, Athlete and Olympians Commission Member

  • High Performance Sport NZ - 2030 Strategic Blueprint Steering Committee and Mental Health Advisor

  • Wreck Room Gym Owner

  • Lululemon Ambassador

  • Friend, Partner, Wife, Community-member

  • NLP Certified Coach

  • Bachelor Sports Science, Auckland University

  • Bachelor Health Science - Physiotherapy, AUT

  • Former Adjunct Lecturer at AUT

Boxing Achievements
  • 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games -
    Bronze Medallist and Team Captain

  • 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

  • 2012 London Olympic Games - NZ Olympian 1196

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