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“We were very lucky to have Alexis speak at our Sports Leadership Breakfast. The audience was comprised of high performance student-athletes and Alexis presented in a way that was relevant to them. She captured the audience with the story of her sporting and leadership journey. Alexis engaged with the students through a formal Q&A session but also took time to meet with students post-event which was greatly appreciated. We can’t wait to have Alexis back to speak to a different bunch of students next year!” 

Albertine Eaton - Auckland University 

“We were very privileged to have Alexis, an AUT alumnus, as a guest at the AUT Blue Awards. She was a very confident and authentic speaker. Alexis shared the challenges she faced and milestones she achieved while growing up in the boxing world on her path to the Olympics, as well as the key supports in her life that helped her on her journey. The messages she had to share from her experiences were very motivational and relevant to our Blue Award recipients who face the challenge of balancing work, life and sport in an increasingly competitive sporting world.” 

Megan Aikenhead - AUT

“Alexis' energy and conviction had an immediate impact on me when she engaged me to develop her on-screen and public speaking skills. Her openness and ability to take direction showed me her penchant for learning and a high degree of commitment to developing her skill base. Her messaging is equally inspiring, and Alexis is able to share her ideas and beliefs in an authentic way to a wide range of people.”

Paulus Romijn - The Presenters Platform

“Lex did an amazing job of creating a comfortable environment for everyone on our team to open up and participate, not only getting our team involved mentally but on an emotional level as well. It allowed everyone to show the faces we usually would keep behind closed doors.”

“Lex's session helped me with releasing everything, and processing it felt so good. I still need to work on it but now I know that I can push myself to my limits and achieve my goals that I thought were impossible. I want to thank Lex a lot for helping me build some confidence and believe in myself more, to fight through the pain at training and never give up!”

“The session for me really helped with motivating me to work harder. It also helped me realise that we need to push each other as a team for maximum growth. It also made me realise it’s not always about winning, it’s about being happy with your performance and knowing that you’ve worked as hard as you can and given it 100%. I feel the session really helped with my confidence and assertiveness.”

“I found the session with Lex was super cool. I actually learnt more about myself and what drives me, what my fears are, and how I can control some thoughts. I have already used some of mental skills we talked about: I’ve picked three positive things that I like to keep as my safe place or go-to mental state/reset button. It was a very successful session for our team and also individually for me. Thank you so much, hope to see you again soon.”

Members of the Wolf Pack – New Plymouth Boxing Team

"Lex's mentorship has taught me more about my fight outside the ring than the one inside the ring. She has been instrumental in helping me understand how to focus on the job at hand and not to let my extreme anxiety get the better of me. She changed my attitude towards the person getting into the ring - me - and to face my fear. I learned to accept the difficult experience and believe I had everything within me to succeed. 


With Lex’s help, I dug deeper than ever before and found a warrior within.  I may never box again, but I know that when things get overwhelming and tough that I have the tools to get through. Lex made me believe I can do it."

Megan Ashe - USL Medical 

"I have been working with Lex on mental skills in my boxing career. From this, I have grown as a boxer and gained confidence. The way I think in the ring is definitely different: I focus on my words and what I want to work on, rather than getting flustered. Outside of boxing, as a person, I feel I have become more confident: I talk more, and when I feel nervous or stressed - not just in boxing - I use the ‘pump and dump’. I feel relaxed around Lex; I can be myself. After every session I have always come away with something to think about and something I want to work on mentally. I have learned how to be more assertive in the ring and in life."

Tasmyn Benny - Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist (2018)

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